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Aluminium Curved Panel (CMD-DC008)

Aluminium Curved Panel (CMD-DC008)

We make sure that the transactions are made with utmost security and thus, we have made available options like credit card, debit card, smart card, and e-money acceptable. Rely on us! Complete log of transactions is maintained. With the assistance of skilled associates and brilliant packaging system, we are able to provide damage-free products to the clients as we wrap them using high quality material.


Technical Specification :

  • Coating - PVDF or Powder coated,
  • Color - Follow your requirements, Thickness - 3.0~5.0mm,or according to your requirements,
  • Size - Follow your design (less than 1800*6000mm) .
  • Cutting type - According to your requirements.

Technical Specifications

Item Performance
Appearance quality No flow lines, no streaks, no blisters,
 no foreign substance, 
no other surface imperfections
Film thickness Average- 48umMin. 41um
Dry-fil hardness ≥3H
Gloss value Gloss value - 34.2~39.1; Average - 37.2
Impact resistance 50kg·m, no removal of film from substrate
Abrasion resistance 5.3L/um
Film adhesion Drying adhesion Grade 0
Wet adhesion  Grade 0
Boiling water adhesion Grade 0
Chemical resistance Hydrochloric acid resistance No change
Nitric acid resistance No changes such as blistering etc.Δ E=0.75
Mortar resistance No change
Solvent resistance No base exposed
Salt spray resistance (4000h) Grade 1
Humidity resistance Grade 1
Artificial weathering (4000) Color retention 1.31
Gloss retention 0.85
Others Grade 0

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